Friday, April 21, 2006

I am Cat. Hear me purr.

I am a cat. I am a magnificent specimen, if I may say so. I weigh nearly 20 pounds and am tall enough to reach the kitchen counter with ease, which means I don't need to call undue attention upon myself when I want something off of the counter. Puny cats jump up; I can simply reach.
I love warm showers. My humans take a steamy shower every morning and they have learned to make sure I am allowed in the bathroom. The steam is good for my coat and my sinuses.
Every now and then they forget and lock me out, but I get their attention by jiggling the doorknob. They're slow learners, but with patience they can be taught.
I like the humans in my house, in spite of the fact that they can be dense sometimes.

I am cat hear me rOAR!
YOU CAN REACH THE COUNTERS?!?! My my, your humans sure do spoil you. I wonder what they feed you. Or perhaps, as Mrs. C, your human loves to demonstrate -- EVERYTHING is BIG in TEXAS! (BTW, do you chase spiders? My cat chases grasshoppers, and then eats them :P)

You like humans in YOUR house??? What a cute sight you must have been as you carried the pails of nails in your mouth as you wore your construction helmet as they nailed the studs to build the house.

Yes, I suppose you would be a rather magnificent specimen.
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